Heaven or Hell?

A short story dedicated to my dog Mojo who passed on suddenly last night.

Heaven or Hell?

An old man and his dog were walking along a country road, enjoying the scenery, when it suddenly occurred to the man that he was actually dead.


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Melody meets with L.I.P.R.A

During a recent paranormal investigation, Melody teams up with the folks from the Long Island Paranormal Research Association. Before heading over to investigate the Jericho House, Melody and founder of LIPRA, Richard Caminiti pose for a picture. The rest of what went on that evening can be found on Richard's site. www.LIPRA.org

Preparing for a Reading

I have been answering a lot of questions lately on how to prepare for a reading. I generally work with objects or photos of people you are interested in knowing about, past or present. I don’t use props like Tarot cards etc.

I will require a picture of you if the consultation is over the phone. Often Clients want to know about themselves and do not provide photos of people or pets that are close to them and that is fine; however providing photos of friends and loved ones that are close to you gives me more insight. The lives of these other beings affect your path in life and make up who you are and who you will become; like ripples in a pool of water, each one affecting the other.

My Phone Consultations are as affective as my in-person Readings. I will connect with you through your voice and image. You can use Email to send me your photos. At your request photos sent through regular mail will be returned to you with the only original audio cassette recording of the entire session.

Our time is short and the reading goes by very quickly so it is a great idea to have a list of important questions prior to the reading.

Finally I think it is worth mentioning the limitation of alcohol use prior to a reading; this has never really become an issue but it will affect the quality of your reading.

How to use a Pendulum

Pendulums can be used to access your subconscious mind. The flow of energy goes from your subconscious mind to your extremities and around your body. Tiny muscles in your fingertips are connected to the motor centers of the brain and it is these motor centers that are affected by subconscious thoughts. Your thoughts and words affect the flow of energy and the pendulum responds.

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Melody's Vision

Melody's Vision

Psychics can bring insight to your success in finance, career, love life, family, health issues, spirituality, and more.

When you think of the word psychic, what comes to your mind? Usually for me it would conjure up thoughts about crystal balls, colorful stones or gypsy-dressed women loosely hanging out in front of the doorway, trying to lure innocent passer-by into their den of deception [Okay, a little over the top… but this is what I picture].

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Kings Park Psychiatric Center

Established in 1885 as an asylum and left abandoned since 1996. Pictured here is building 93.
After haven driven by this building a number of times, I often pick up a lot of paranormal activity.

While driving home from a restaurant with my family I was on St. Johnland Road, when we all witnessed an apparition near this building. We saw an old woman dressed in black with a ghostly white face, she was hunched over holding what looked like a lantern. We passed her by on the road and thought it was unusual, after slowing down and looking in my rear view mirror she had vanished. Although I have never been inside, this is a very interesting place and I would love to investigate it further.

Salem Mass.

Me during a recent trip to Salem, If you ever get a chance to visit, be careful at John Hathorne's house, Nathaniel Hawthorne's Great-Great Grandfather, AKA the Hanging Judge. I picked up very negative spiritual activity and felt ill untill I left. Otherwise Salem is a great place and I cant wait to go back.

Peahen (female peacock)

I was sitting at home feeling a bit depressed over the passing of my Mother. I had been asking her to send me a sign that she hears me. I than turn my head up to look out of my skylight, and I see what appears to be a peacock. I quickly grabbed my camera and took this shot.
I am happy to report that my peahen is still visiting me and my family. Every time I see her I remember my mother and I know she is watching over me.
Update.- 4/3/11 Pea hen has been gone now for the past 9 months. She has moved on to greener pastures.

The Merchant House Museum

During a recent Investigation of The Merchant House Museum, Melody Meets up with the folks from Paranormal NYC. The house was reported by the New York Times as, "Manhattans most haunted house." Melody, who is pictured here with Dan Sturges, try to gain insight into all the reported paranormal activity.

Melody Meets Thunderbird Turtle Woman

Over this past summer, Melody meets Donna Augustine, also known as Thunderbird Turtle Woman, a spiritual leader with the Elsipogtog First Nation and Tribal Council Representative for the New Brunswick and New Foundland, Canada groups.

Together they share a three-hour cruise of the St. John River on board the Voyager II. While on board they share their there views with one another.