Predicting financial fortunes supernaturally

Predicting financial fortunes, supernaturally

Smithtown psychic says she foresaw failure of Wall Street bailout plan
By Jennifer Choi
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October 01, 2008 | 02:56 PM
In this time of economic crisis, people are not only turning to financial advisers for help, they are also seeking advice from psychics.

"When things are bad, I'm usually busier," said psychic Melody Bard of Smithtown. "People are in a lot of pain right now."

According to Bard, whose clients have recently sought financial guidance from her, the current economic conditions will worsen before they improve. Some people will become "really poor," she noted, citing the era of the 1920s leading to the Great Depression.

During an interview Monday at noon, the Smithtown psychic predicted that the $700 billion Wall Street bailout would not be approved by Congress, a vote scheduled for 1 pm that afternoon. At about 1:30 pm, officials announced that the bill had been defeated.

In addition to questions regarding their future financial status, clients also seek answers about love, health and relationships, said Bard. Having apprenticed for 20 years with her mother, Yolana, a professional psychic in Manhattan for 30 years, Bard started her own business two years ago. It's called Just One Melody.

"I was always able to do [psychic readings], but I didn't want to do it professionally at first," she said, adding that what she enjoys most is connecting families to the loved ones they have lost, a service she provides free of charge.

"It gives them closure and peace," she noted. "You have to give something back. That's what you're supposed to do with your gifts."

According to Bard, who resides in Smithtown with her husband, John, and 14-year-old twins, Alex and Noelani, she cannot provide psychic readings for any of her family members because "emotions get in the way." The key to accurate readings lies in remaining nonanalytical and unbiased, she said, a feat difficult to accomplish when emotions are involved.

In terms of physical conditions, "I can see the body inside," Bard said, citing a client who was hospitalized after a gall bladder attack, a health concern mentioned during a previous psychic reading. However, "some things I can't see because I'm not meant to see it," she noted, because destiny still plays a part in shaping one's life.

"I don't think there are coincidences," she added. "There's a reason for everything, good and bad."

Bard, whose brother, Ronald, is also a psychic in California, offers readings both in person and over the phone. For the latter, clients must send pictures of themselves and anyone else about whom they wish to learn. Full- and half-hour phone consultations are available, as are in-person sessions. For more information, visit

Once a client has received a reading, Bard said she does not encourage scheduling another consultation because it may not be necessary. Her advice to clients is: "I gave you a path. Now listen to your own instincts."

In addition to providing psychic readings, Bard also visits homes to rid them of haunting spirits. She recently visited a house in Jericho where she immediately felt an "oppressive" force upon entering the attic, she said. She then returned to "bless" the home, which she believed was haunted by the spirit of a drug-abusing young man who was killed in an accident.

"People who are bad when they're alive are the same way when they die," the psychic said.

Upon completing the blessing successfully, both Bard and the homeowners realized that a dark shadow in the corner of the attic had disappeared, Bard said. "When I hear from people and they say they're doing well, I know that's what it's all about."