Preparing for a Reading

I have been answering a lot of questions lately on how to prepare for a reading. I generally work with objects or photos of people you are interested in knowing about, past or present. I don’t use props like Tarot cards etc.

I will require a picture of you if the consultation is over the phone. Often Clients want to know about themselves and do not provide photos of people or pets that are close to them and that is fine; however providing photos of friends and loved ones that are close to you gives me more insight. The lives of these other beings affect your path in life and make up who you are and who you will become; like ripples in a pool of water, each one affecting the other.

My Phone Consultations are as affective as my in-person Readings. I will connect with you through your voice and image. You can use Email to send me your photos. At your request photos sent through regular mail will be returned to you with the only original audio cassette recording of the entire session.

Our time is short and the reading goes by very quickly so it is a great idea to have a list of important questions prior to the reading.

Finally I think it is worth mentioning the limitation of alcohol use prior to a reading; this has never really become an issue but it will affect the quality of your reading.