Investing in Yourself

by Melody Bard

What I find most interesting is how many people often do not take the time or expense it takes to invest in themselves, especially during these hard times.

This reminds me of the preflight instructions you receive before takeoff. “In the event the oxygen masks fall from the overhead compartment, place one on yourself before placing one on your child.” This makes perfect sense to me. If I can’t breathe, I won’t be able to help my loved ones who are having difficulty breathing.

Before you can serve others you have to serve yourself. Now this does not mean being selfish, far from it. It simply makes you more efficient. If you were traveling cross country in your car you would not get very far if you never did maintenance or brought your car in for an inspection, but here we are at the supermarket or local fast food establishment making poor choices because we don’t have the money or time to do it right. We fill our minds with junk from TV and toxic people. Our bodies starve for nutrition from poor quality food.

It really all comes down to making the right choices, Should we shut off the TV news that’s bringing down our vibration through fear and anger or do something worthwhile with our time that may raise it. When people go between these two emotions of fear and anger for extended periods of time there life usually changes for the worst. By shifting our thoughts and emotions away from fear and anger we can begin to change our lives.

With every important change we make in our own conduct, a new world will be open to us. We are here to be a little better every single day; we are here to outgrow all limitations, we here to outgrow ignorance. We live in a universe where there is nothing to fear except our own ignorance.

The moment we become better the world becomes better. We live in a world of infinite opportunity. The moment we decide to use our mind instead of abuse it, the arts will flourish, music will again dominate our world, our books will be better written, and our TV programs will be inspiring, every thing we know will be better.

The average person’s day is usually divided between work, rest and recreation. It is during the recreation part of the day that we should use whatever spare time we have to raise our vibration. One way of raising your vibration amongst others, is to start by getting out into nature and trusting in its healing powers.

Unfortunately recreations for some individuals consist of just sitting in front of a TV and have some actors or newscasters tell them how to think.

Thinking for your self is slowly becoming extinct amongst the population. We can change this by starting to listen to our own gut instinct or God instinct. Our instincts can sometimes become clouded due to experiencing these low vibratory emotions. We all get lost on the journey, but it amazes me how some people will drive around for hours lost without stopping to ask for directions.

If you feel lost, you are not alone; many people are searching for direction. Each of us is given a life and a world to grow, and we serve that world to make it beautiful and when we take a wilderness and change it into a garden then we are truly living according to the will of heaven. We all have a limited amount of time on this school called earth; let’s make the most of it.