Egg Reading

Given only once a year, and only on Good Friday, these special readings have been in Melody's family for generations and have become a tradition for friends, family members and clients. This is the only time of the year when Melody gives a reading to a family member.

An ordinary egg is held in your hand for a period of time, the energy you give off is slowly absorbed by the egg. The egg is than cracked open into a glass of water and left alone until it starts forming a three dimensional floating image. Melody uses her psychic abilities to interpret the uniquely formed image into a reading. She also gives Egg Readings remotely; this is done by attaching a photo and name of the person receiving the reading on the glass.

This works like the water crystal experiments of

Masaru Emoto

where he exposes water in glasses to different words, pictures, or music and then freezing and examining the aesthetics of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography.

In following the footsteps of her ancestors, Melody uses these very powerful egg readings to give deeper insight into this life's journey.