The Interconnectedness Of All Living Things


by Melody Bard

Lawrence Anthony who is literally a legend in South Africa, who rescued and rehabilitated thousands of elephants from all over the world, who authored 3 books including the elephant whisperer, died earlier this year and something very interesting happened two days after he died. 

His family tells of a solemn procession by two groups of wild elephants that showed up at his home including two large matriarchs.

The moment Lawrence passed over the elephants sensed it, without hesitation they began marching single file. They walked miles and miles to get to his South African house.

People who watched this could not understand it. Lawrence’s wife said, “I was especially touched knowing that the elephants had not been to my house prior to the day Lawrence died for well over a year.”

They somehow knew where they were going; they obviously wanted to pay their deepest respect honoring their friend who had saved their lives.

They stayed for two days and two nights before they returned.

These wonderful animals show us there is interconnectedness among all living things. At one time in our distant past there were many more people like Lawrence who had this ability, this interconnectedness that is painfully lacking in our present day

These abilities were slowly, over time, educated out of us. We all have this ability that lays dormant, deep inside of us, just waiting to be awakened. You may feel it as a gut reaction to something or perhaps as a little voice that emanates from deep inside of you.

Your gut instinct is nothing more than your own internal GPS system trying to guide you.

If we can only be quiet enough to listen.