Prayer for Protection

Among the many things in my arsenal that can be used for protection, the first line of defense is prayer, and this is the one I use.

This prayer was written by James Dillet Freeman for all soldiers during World War II. It is one of two Freeman compositions carried to the moon by Apollo astronauts. In 1969, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin took the "Prayer for Protection" along on the first manned moon landing. A microfilm copy of Freeman's poem "I Am There" was left on the moon in 1971 by Apollo XV astronaut James B. Irwin.

The Light of God surrounds me.

The Love of God enfolds me.

The Power of God protects me.

The Presence of God watches over me.

The Mind of God guides me.

The Life of God flows through me.

The Laws of God direct me.

The Power of God abides within me.

The Joy of God uplifts me.

The Strength of God renews me.

The Beauty of God inspires me.

Wherever I am, God is!

Here is a popular shortened version of the Prayer for Protection:

The light of God surrounds us,

The love of God enfolds us,

The power of God protects us

The presence of God watches over us,

Wherever I am, God is...

And all is well.