Melody Bard Melody Bard is a Psychic Medium from Long Island, New York. Her confidential client list includes individuals from the Who's Who in the global community including law enforcement officials, diplomats, executives, entertainment industry celebrities, and people from all walks of life. Clients not only achieve clarity after a consultation, but they are taught how to expand on their own psychic abilities.

Prior to establishing her own business, Melody apprenticed for nearly 20 years under her famous psychic/author mother, the late Yolana Bard, who began a career as a psychic to New York City socialites. She also received the coveted imprimatur from famed Parapsychologist, Hans Holzer, PhD. Dr. Holzer is the world-leading authority on psychic studies.

Melody offers a wide range of programs and services including connecting clients to their lost loved ones as well as her highly sought after intuitive consultations. Melody specializes in giving her clients the confidence they need to trust in themselves, whether they are developing their own instincts to solve problems or achieving lifelong goals. lifelong goals.

After losing everything and being homeless at one point in her life, she knows what failure and success both feel like. She now helps her clients achieve the same success.

Melody is no stranger to helping people. Throughout her life she has used her abilities to psychically help people financially, romantically, medically and spiritually.

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